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Oast Osteopathy Pilates

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Class Timetable

Monday     7.10pm-8.10pm - Lisa
                8.15pm-9.15pm - Lisa

Tuesday    9.30am-10.30am - Dee
                7.15pm-8.15pm - Rachael
                8.15pm-9.15pm - Rachael

Wednesday  Pilates Equipment 9.45am-10.45am - Claire
                  5.30pm-6.30pm - Celia
                  7pm-8pm - Lisa
                  8.30pm-9.30pm - Dee

Thursday    7pm-8pm - Dee

Friday        9.45am-10.30am - Dee

Saturday    Pilates Equipment 8.30am-9.30am - Dee
                 9.45am-10.45am Dee
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