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M2 slip road closures

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The eastbound (coastbound) entry and exit slips between the M2 and A249 from Monday 12 September 2022 until Friday 13 January 2023.

This means you will not be able to access Stockbury roundabout from the M2 eastbound or join the M2 eastbound from Stockbury roundabout at junction 5 during the closure.

Diversion routes  

Coastbound from Stockbury roundabout (via Gillingham)

To join the M2 eastbound during the closures, use the M2 westbound from Stockbury roundabout to travel to junction 4 (Gillingham) and return. This will add approximately 10-12 minutes onto the journey time according to Highway England.

Travelling to Sittingbourne coastbound (via M20 / A249).

Drivers travelling eastbound (towards the coast) will need to leave the M2 at junction 3 (Chatham) and use the A229, M20 and A249 to reach the Stockbury roundabout. This will add approximately 15 minutes onto the journey time.

If you miss junction 3, you can travel to junction 6 (Faversham) and return to junction 5 (Sittingbourne) using the westbound carriageway, which will add a further 25 minutes. 

The other alternative not mentioned by Highways England is to leave the M2 at junction 4 (Gillingham) and travel along Hoath Way and join the A2, although that is going to be tricky depending on the time of day.

Oad Street closure - September 2022  

They will also be closing Oad Street, between the A249 and Woodgate Lane, from Monday 5 September until Monday 10 October, to finish our widening work started in the earlier this year.  

Diversion routes  

Drivers travelling on the A249 northbound from Maidstone will need to cross the Stockbury roundabout, continue north on the A249, use Key Street roundabout, take the exit for the A2, and use Borden Lane to access Oad Street. 

To access the A249 southbound from Oad Street or Pett Lane will need to use the same route in reverse. There will be no through access to the A249 from Oad Street or Pett Lane.  

The businesses on Oad Street, such as the café and the butchers, will remain open as usual, and can be accessed via the diversions above. 


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Just two days ago I was on the M2 travelling East towards my destination in Sittingbourne. I had to leave the M2 at Junction 4 and take the road northbound towards Gillingham and then travel eastbound on the A2. That leg of the journey took forever, driving through Rainham and Newington. I lost count of the number of traffic lights (which always appeared RED) together with 20mph speed restrictions plus assorted lorries and buses! This detour is not for the faint-hearted. I hope the new Junction 5 (M2/A249) is going to be worth it when completed. 
Comment by Andrew Smith on 23 Dec 2022

Who works out the extra time for these diversions! Someone in an office on a computer and who doesn't know anything about the traffic In this area! Bluebell Hill, junction 3 is extremely busy on a normal day with traffic lights on roundabout which delays movement,  

A2 from Gillingham to Key Street roundabout is stop start and Newington is a bottle neck due to narrow road.

How is this going to work? Sitting in traffic jams, with high emissions from vehicles, and extra fuel used!

Absolute joke!

Comment by Gary Read on 30 Aug 2022
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